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Catherine Valleroy

In my life I think, dress, decorate, cook, create, and meditate poetically. Living poetically means that I am constantly expressing my imagination by bringing it to fruition through my actions. In doing so I believe I live mindfully.
I started writing poetry when I was 8 years old. Even back then I found doing so was a delightful release and an important form of self-expression. Writing of all kinds is still very important to me. Over the past 20 years I have worked on three books of poetry: Better Look, Better Looking, and Seeing and have begun two books of prose: Humble Food and Meditations.
Today, much of my poetry has been created during a portion of a Sangha that I run. The practice includes many meditative activities including a time to write with a clear mind. This has given me a great deal of material especially for the book, Seeing. My writings have taken on a very spiritual path ever since I started the Sangha 9 years ago.
In the past 20 years, I have also discovered that I literally have a voice. I have taken my poems, collaborated with musicians and have produced an album of spoken-word that is a part of my book Better Look. It is my intention to have spoken-word as a part of all my books of poetry.
I feel extremely blessed to have had the time to live and create in such a holistic way. Now it is my intention to publish and expand the reach of my art and insights.

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